Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here I Come!!

I'm not worried.
And my friends can't understand it.
Especially the ones who graduated last year and still haven't found stable employment.

They just don't understand why I'm so calm about the whole job-seeking thing. They think I'm being naive, and a little (or maybe more than a little) foolish. But I don't think so. I'm just not worried. At all. About finding a job or making a decent living. Even in this economic climate.

I keep trying to explain to them that I'm being calm (because it goes hand in and with rational and thoughtful, lol) and because I'm more excited than anything else. And because I have a plan. And I've already begun to execute it. See, I'm not just leaving University and then going back home to deep rural St. Mary to sit on my beautiful bum and send out countless resumes to people. I have a PLAN!!

I've been doing my research. I've already seen loopholes, gaps and spaces in the world of PRINT and ONLINE journalism/production where my skills can prove useful and profitable. And what I don't know, I'm making every effort to learn to make myself even more marketable. Yes I'm sending out resumes. Yes I'm dropping the word. But I'm also looking into self-employment options. Looking into the world of entrepreneurship. I'm exploring *profitable* volunteerism, and all that wonderful jazz.

I guess maybe if I sat at home just waiting for something to fall into my lap after sending out some CVs, I'd have time to get worried. But I'm NOT worried because I'm working my amazing azz off to make sure I don't have anything to worry about! *Plus I'm praying like crazy (lol)*. And I am seeing things happen...

I'm in a weird place. Transition, I guess you could call it. I know I'm leaving a season. And I'm also entering a new one. Exciting? Yes. Absolutely. I'm at this point where I can see my whole life before me. I see everything I want. And it's all within my grasp. I mean, it is all really and truly right there staring me in the eyes, kinda daring me to come get it, to get up and do what is necessary to get them. And I just can't keep still. Because this is not a dream any more. It's all a real and very visible and tangible reality.

All the things that were supposed to limit me... lack of qualification, experience, age, location... they're now the very things that are empowering me. And if you ask me, it's about time! I can't explain this (supposedly naive) feeling that has engulfed me lately. But I also can't lie to myself. I feel ready. Ready to work. Ready to be successful. Ready to actually see what I've been studying and planning for... I'm ready, world. I am ready!! Are you??


Wuthering said...

Ruthi I am SO happy we crossed paths. How did we cross paths? I'm not even sure. I will say You are a talent and I certainly WANT to hear everything you have to say and I would say it is a little difficult to get my attention. SO THERE!

I still have not graduated, yet, I was working in a field that paralleled with my studies.

I just finished a class that has changed my life forever. It was my last non-science class (except for the politics of health I will be taking eventually) It was called sociology of work. It was an honors class involving economy, government, politics, as well as cultural norms etc.

The class gave each member the ability to learn everything and research on our own the concepts we were learning.

I went into the capitalism, bureaucracy, government, corporations...

WELL, who would have ever known that the corporation I work for, coincidentally very involved in social environmental programs- "green", "fair trade", "non-conventional". THAT VERY SAME CORPORATION (at my location) decided to put their workers in an environment with dangerous air quality.

Although it wasn't happening directly to me (although it could have), I was so disgusted I gave my 2 wks notice.

Ya know, I would love your thoughts on Muhammad Yunus's Social Capitalism. You had mentioned interest in profitable "volunteerism". You might already know him. He is the founder of Gramen Bank in India and he received a Nobel Peace Prize.

You might have to go out and read this book. I SERIOUSLY recommend it.

ALSO, Europe's European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) recognize American corporation's threaten Democracy. So SAD! I'm old enough to really see what Laissez faire economics has done once again to the American's quality of life and of course with Globalism, this has includes widespread destabalization.

Admittedly, this may be a whole tangent that your not interested in. I know you have strong ideals.

This is my question: Are YOU ready to abandon your ideals for the markteplace? cause that's what happens- at least in America :(


Stunner said...

Well at least you have a good positive attitude leaving school and about to make your transition to slaver... I mean the working world. I remember, my short transition time, I wasn't too worried I was finally out of school and the summer was there for me to enjoy and unwind. I did geta bit worried when some of my applications weren't answered, but then I finally got a job by the August. You have to be positive and keep an open mind where employment is concerned. I am especially happy to hear you are thinking of entrepreneurship, more collage graduates should be thinking along that line than just merely joining the workforce to earn a living. It's tough times now, much tougher than when I left school, but with the right attitude, and it seems you have it, you will be ok.

Wuthering said...
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Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I truly wish you the best of luck on finding a job when you are good and ready and I applaud you for being positive and having a plan.

Opportunity finds those who are prepared.

Good luck!

Bradshaw said...

I was the same way leaving college and my friends didn't understand it either. And I got lucky. Got a job I love (and still have) and have every intention of keeping my now career for a long time.

Best of luck to you in your search!

zooms said...

just add this post to your c.v. and the world is your oyster xxx

Mad Bull said...

Wow! A refreshing breath of optimism amist so much doom and gloom! I hope you attain your dreams, an more, Ruthie!

Abeni said...

Love your outlook. Most of all I love that you are prepared to make something happen.Good on you Ruthie!

Empath said...

Hey Ruthie,
Optimism is a powerful force. Once you have that on your side then everything else will fall in place. Keep the faith.

Mandeville said...


laroper18 said...

Congrats on your attitude. I suspect it's not overly common. I do hope your plan is backed by a Divine will for you and you will be successful despite challenges. All the best!

PS: My sympathies to you and family. I know its not easy to lose someone, but you will deal :-)

Ruthibelle said...

Wow... nice to see people agree with all the optimism... said...

Hey there!

Yessss step out there and do it!

There is a discussion at my blog, "How About A Life Makeover?" about why we can't delay in changing our course!

Check out the post "Imagining The Impossible" and I hope you will be inspired by the women who added to the memorial wall in the comment section of declaring the impossible!

Go gurl!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Jdid said...

excellent attitude. dont limit yourself i always say.

Jacqueline Smith said...

The world is the way you see it, go get 'em!

Crankyputz said...

What's there to worry about? What will be, will be, just enjoy the ride...
And as a recruiter, I find your thoughtfulness refreashing.

Ruthibelle said...

Oh yeah... a refreshing comment this is, CP

Anonymous said...

I like the attitude in this piece. It's contagious too makes me feel energized. Thanks.