Monday, December 6, 2010

The Days Are Winding Down (Or happy birthday to me)

Ah yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year, and we here at ruthibelle have much to be thankful for ... Another year is coming to a close, and, yes, the days are winding down - nicely, I might add.

2010 has been, in a very true sense of the word, a full year. I think I finally shook my giant awake, and she is walking. Not roaring yet, but at least walking. I started the year feeling quite asleep, but now, I feel awake and very alive. I see hope, and that's always a welcome horizon.

Apologies for all the cliche references, but, really, what a difference a year makes!! On the local and international scene, I think the world got shook up quite a bit (in many cases, literally - 9 major earthquakes come to mind). I think the issues that stood out most for me were the ones that involved armed conflict or great natural disasters. I felt this year like I have never felt any other year in my life. I lived going from one emotion to another. I felt the news in a different way, and, as my mind gradually expands to a more full comprehension of the meaning of globalisation, I was aware that those people uttering incomprehensible words on my TV were not strangers or foreigners, as we are wont to call them, but neighbours. In some cases, literal next door neighbours!

When I say I felt this year, that's what I mean. It was a year to feel with people all across the globe and around the world. I immersed myself into international news. I plugged in to the documentaries, editorials and commentaries. My appetite for knowledge of world affairs was (and still is) insatiable, and this became a propellor for how much information I consumed and how I viewed my own personal world (if it can be called that).

I think this was a year for locating myself on the globe, and seeing the interconnectedness that runs through human beings across cultures and continents. It was time to see more than Jamaican. More than Caribbean ... I can honestly say I am acquiring an international perspective. After all, this is my world as much as it is anyone else's, and the occurrences therein affect me as much as they affect my brothers and sisters elsewhere. I ought to be concerned. I ought to be informed. I ought to be aware. And I think, to a great measure this year, I achieved that.

I have no intention of making this one of those long-winded posts that give away more insight than is savoury, or appropriate. I do, however, wish to say to one and all that this has been a truly transformational year, and I thank all the players involved. I've grown.

Tomorrow, I'll be a year older. Wish me a happy birthday, won't ya? Like I said, the days are winding down nicely ... :-) ;-) ;-p


Anonymous said...

You are way in over your head too early....why you got to rush your day like that? let it come to you smooth so you can find fun and happiness in it.....don't be like other people who anticipate it and then you get disappointed for many reasons ok. luv ya....ya sista JCH

Morpheus Rablings said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Be yourself- who else is better qualified?

Ruthibelle said...

@JCH ... like, seriously, I'm not rushing anythin!

@Morpheus thanks aplenty. I appreciate the suggestion ... I just might take you up on it, lol ;)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Happy birthday to you and the giantess.

Take on the world if you feel like it, but one square at a time. Help one person, you might be helping a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I'm late but Happy Happy Earth Strong Ruthibelle! Keep doing your thing. Your blog is refreshing and it give me hope for the younger generation!! Bless up hon!

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Ruthibelle said...

thanks for the comments.

@blogjamaica thanks for the feature. I will check it out.

Brill said...

Hey, sis. Happy belated b-day.
I was just in JA in September.
Anyway, somehow I found your page
through blog surfing the blogs of
people I used to rap with. I'm
looking to make a comeback on this
here blogger network. Your post
inspired me. God bless.

Ruthibelle said...

thanks Dave. Yes. you should make a comeback!