Friday, April 1, 2011

Why I Still Watch the Commission of Enquiry

You are a good and sensible heart. You, too, see past the charade to the seriousness of the issue. I hate this resignation to a crappy fate that Jamaicans have been displaying. And I intensely despise the arrogant nonchalance and politicking of what is, essentially, a human-rights issue. It is painful to watch the serious business of our nation bandied about like fanfare. It is painful to feel the snub of politicians who continuously trivialise serious and solemn issues of paramount national (and international) import.

But I MUST watch the Commission. I want the truth of their carelessness to be cemented so irreversibly in my mind that, please God, every piece of journalistic work - any kind or type of work that I create – will reflect with acute, meticulous and irrefutable precision and exactitude the reality of the Jamaica we live in. I want it branded into my mind so I can share it well, so I can paint so vivid a picture that readers, listeners - whoever - will understand clearly when I speak/write about it. Because we must never forget.

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