Friday, January 11, 2013

A Girl's Story

I  knew this girl.
She was raw.
She was uncensored and unafraid.
She was honest - to a fault.
And serious.
All the time.
About everything.
And intense.

She lived her life like that - intense.
She thought hard about everything.
And cried plenty - and waaay too easily.

If you asked her a simple question,
She would break it down to a science
And answer you through philosophy,
With language that breathed literature.

She was a very complex creature.
But, oh God,  I loved her!
Because she was so authentic
And so genuine and so real.

She was who she was
And people just had to deal with that.

Most of them didn't.
But she didn't let it bother her.
She was always on the outside.
She didn't quite get people.
And people didn't get her.
They said she was a little weird.
They said she was weird a lot.

But she didn't let that bother her
Because whether they said she was weird or not
They had to admit that there was something about her -
This thing they couldn't name or define

And it wasn't a bad thing either.
It was a good thing - whatever it was.
It was a special  and powerful

Life can be this thing - this place - this big, scary mass of people and

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