Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meeting legacies ...

I feel so full up of life, I can hardly breathe.

I love it when I meet legacies. I love it when the universe sets me up for a pleasant surprise and lands me in the same room as someone with a powerful story that I needed to hear that they needed to share ... .

Enter RC here. I met the man and heard a piece of his story and felt like a very privileged human being. Do you know how awesome it is to get even a minute of insight? When someone who has lived through much of history bequeaths you a little bit of that?

A minute of insight - that's all I need. I will treasure that one minute. Give me one minute of your best life lessons, one minute of your most profound moment. Tip your heart over mine and give me just one drop from your heart's deepest wells. I'll take it. I'll treasure it. I'll use it like fuel to propel me into a better mental space and physical place ... I'm perpetually absorbing everlasting wealth.

You know how the sick pulled virtue out of Jesus? I pull virtue out of people. I draw on them till they give me their stories ...

And, this my friends know very well: I especially love the elderly. I love to tap into the minds of men whose memories are more plentiful than my entire lifetime's worth of experiences.

I heard a senior coworker give a classic quip the other day: I've forgotten more than you've lived through. It was a good comeback. We laughed at the young whippersnapper who thought he could take on her obvious reservoir of knowledge. But then I had to stop and think: I LOVE to share time and space with people who know so much, they've forgotten more than I've even learned! Minds like that ... overwhelm, fascinate, excite and interest me ... .

For sure, one of the best aspects of my job is that I get to meet legacies, and hear and share their stories. I love it. I love capturing heartsongs and singing them back, through pen and paper, to the next generation. And I hope that while I'm meeting legacies, I'm making legacies ...

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