Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

Something inside me stirs
I feel a sudden need to dream
Vita est non quis is videor
Life is no longer what it seemed

A dormant glint in human eyes
Abandons sleep and comes alive

Hope, within one man's eyes
Moves mountains, transcends time
Travels through a space vacuum
To room
Inside my heart

how come one man.can awaken dead dreams.in a broken nation.

today.americans walk on air.collectively.soaring over fear. fear.the forgotten foe.that nips with cold at human souls.

the look on his face.as he walks.to take his seat.among vips. a man about to face his death.his burial.his resurrection. this feels.like the rebirth of a nation.

aretha's bow is brighter than her voice.but. the euphoria of the moment alone.carried the voice that left overwhelmed lips.in shaky, shrill tones. and landed it on hopeful ears.in perfect pitches.echoing dreams.inspiring hearts.

joe biden looked sunburnt.his eyes are mere slits.that smile on the final line.that subtle curve of the lips.so help me God.help him God.

he turned to look up at the musicians.and caught a glimpse of her.his eyes settled where they lay.the music was probably lost on him after that.such loving eyes.wow.

her gloved hand.reaching out.touching his shoulder.that small squeeze.the resulting smile.such loving eyes.wow.

then he got up.silence.the stutter in the oath. then the smile.both smiles.get it right, dammit.we all want this.get it right.now!

and then.the speech: humbled... grateful... mindful... for us.for us.for us... our power alone cannot protect us... but we will do the best can.yes we can.

wow.i'm happy to the 44th power.


Ruthibelle said...

I made this comment on Annie Paul's blog, and decided to copy and paste it here as well. You should check out her post in the inauguration, BTW. It's a really good and mind-opening read:

Happy inauguration Annie!! :-D I've been grinning like an idiot all day... nonsensically, hysterically, because I'm happy to the 44th power!

I'm too young to even begin to imagine the euphoria of the lucky people who saw MLK's 'I Have A Dream' speech live. And I've always envied those persons who lived through some of the most awe-inspiring, and historically significant events in black history. But now (!!), I'm getting my own little piece of history, and it is not something as grotesque and saddening as the 9/11 bombing... It's actually one of 'those' moments. One of those events that I have heretofore only read about: I will not lose even a second of it... I am drinking it all in with heady, intoxicating pride, because twenty years from now, I will be one of those people who saw it happen... teehee!! I'm finally in on one of history's big secrets... I too now have the inside scoop, and can tell other people that I saw it happen! I watched it live!!

I seriously hope though, that people realise how human Barack Obama is. As much as we'd love to think it, he is not the Almighty Messiah. He is still just a man. And what's more, he's inherited the biggest mess in US history! It will take a whole lot more than moving speeches and lofty ideals to fix that!! I really hope people realise this (and I say this sadly because I already know that many don't).

Before Obama, I wasn't interested in American politics beyond the point where it affected Jamaica and the Caribbean (and occasionally Venezuela). But now I am. I will be watching to see what changes Obama makes, how effective his method of governance will be, how the American people and the world will respond... America only just really got my attention!

As you rightly said, only time will tell if Obama is all that he now seems to be. I'm willing to wait and see... In fact, I'm waiting to see...

PS If Barack could turn water to rum, that would be the feat to beat for the century!! LOL. But then, considering Jamaica's ailing sugar cane industry, we certainly don't need that competition to contend with!

I feel like I've talked myself into a stupor, and I really could go on and on... but I don't want to make a post within your post, so I'll put a lid on it now.

Happy inauguration, Annie!! :-D Yes we did!

Ruthibelle said...

PS, Annie's blog's address is:

clnmike said...

It was a great day.

Unknown said...

A great day in history indeed!

Ruthibelle said...

it most certainly was! I feel like I could fly!

Rethabile said...

Long live the 44th power!

Wuthering said...

Ruthi! a kiss! YOU make me so proud!

jcanwisegrrl876 said...

I couldn't quite cry yesterday, even though the tears were thisclose. They just couldn't fight their way past the gi-normous grin on my face! I smiled so much you'd think I was standing there right beside the man! I just couldn't help it. At work we took about 3 hours off to watch it on TV, and I just couldn't do anything afterwards. Or before (thank God for the CNN/Facebook hook-up!) I had to soak in the moments, great and small, of this historic day. I watched as he made his way down those steps, a never-before-seen look of nervousness/tension on his face. I watched as all my co-workers willed him to smile, and when he finally did, it was as if the sun had come out. We broke into spontaneous applause. We drooled over how gorgeous and absolutely regal Michelle was in her lemon/olive/emerald ensemble. We gushed over how adorable Malia and Sasha were as they smiled and waved. I forgave Aretha's voice. It wasn't at it's best to me, she was probably so emotional. I could feel that. I choked up when the instrumentalists played. I too saw that exchange, where he turned to look at the quartet and his eyes stopped at Michelle. I saw when she reached out to squeeze his shoulder. I grinned when he fixed the block for Sasha to stand on so she wouldn't miss her Daddy being sworn in. I cussed when the Attorney General flubbed the oath. I smiled when Barack paused and they corrected it. "I, Barack Hussein Obama,..." Oh my GOD! We stood up and cheered. The poem was not as impressive as I would have liked (in the moment. Seeing the words in print will be definitely more effective for me), but his SPEECH! It was like a good ol' Sunday morning sermon in some ways. I was nodding, smiling, saying "Yes." I might have even lifted my hand a couple times! I listened and smiled through the benediction. When the Reverend said "Bless the angelic Malia and Sasha", Michelle looked over at them, probably wondering "What angels?" I smiled. I watched the parade and almost plotzed when I saw them come out of the car, "The Beast". It was beautiful to see them walking together, the way they held hands and when they separated, the way their hands automatically found each other. But I was a bit scared, truth be told. I loved when his high school alma mater marched by during the float and he gave them the "hang loose" sign (you can take the boy out of Hawaii...). I missed the rest on the commute home, but I almost swooned as I saw them enter the Neighbourhood Ball, Michelle absolutely stunning in that lovely white gown, her entire being aglow. "Just how good-looking is my wife?" Beautiful! He was very dapper in his classic tux, so handsome. "At last", I appreciated Beyonce's rendition of this classic. She's starting to grow on me, but I digress... The First Dance. I saw so much love there, such oneness. The girls were said to be having a High School Musical movie night. I'm envious (yes, I love HSM too!). I fell asleep watching the recap after 10, but with a prayer on my heart that God guides and protects them all, that He works His will through this wonderful man that He has elevated to this position. I have faith that everything will be alright. God Bless Barack Obama!

Abeni said...

Very well said Ruthie!

Ruthibelle said...

@Jcanwise: Jeez Trace, when will you get a your own blog?? You just made a post within my post!! LOL. But, as a fellow sap, I understand... and will pardon the oversight this once (more)

@Lucy & Abeni: thanks.

Angel said...

wow...that was just beautiful!

and happiness to the 44th power is AWESOME!!!

Ruthibelle said...

thanks Beth. It was a beautiful moment...

get zapped said...

Love your poem, as it expresses the true wonder and reality of that day. I was all smiles and tears :)

Ruthibelle said...

thanx much

Anonymous said...

You know, I am still going to ask the question: why are we so invested in somebody else's dream, but pay little attention to our own nightmare? All the energy in being glad for America, well, how about investing some of that energy into loving Jamaica enough to change it? Americans worked hard and did what they needed to do for themselves, didn't they? And those who put in the sweat earned the right and honour to say "yes we can." How we so licky-licky that we forget to take care of our own business? We just want to jump up and be in the party, but we don't want to do a lick of the dirty work. Just a thought.

Ruthibelle said...

Excellent points, Long. Excellent points. And defintely something to consider. Because we really do like to share in the euphoria of others, and this same emotion and energy could be put to work on Ja's situation...
...that in no way negates the grandness of Obama's achievement. It deserves the praise and accolades it has received because, well, it's just a huge deal...

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