Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Obama Conspiracy

I had an interesting debate on Facebook that really got me thinking:
1.Is a conspiracy to control the black race (ie Afro-Americans) through a black President plausible?
2.Will Afro-Americans blindly accept anything Obama offers them simply because he is black?
3.Does the mere fact that I would ask these questions seem like an attempt to somehow undermine Obama's achievement or underestimate the black race?

I copied and pasted the main arguments of the debate below for your perusal. (I was going to edit the statements to make it shorter, but I relented, lest I compromise the integrity of any of the other speakers' points):


Kimmi: sheldon as uncanny as dat sounds it actually makes sense...

Ruthibelle: But who says Obama can control the black race?? And why would you make a man President of your country so you can control a race??? Does that really make sense to you?? Let's make him President, so we can control his race. never mind this very act of making him President is going to inspire, empower and motivate that same race more than anything else you could ever do at this moment... I don't think so!


Ruthibelle: Looking up to and admiring someon eis different from allowing that person to control you... It might seem like Obama is in control of the majority of the American population now because of the significance of his most recent achievement. But he IS still just a President. And like any other President, he will be subject to close and serious scrutiny from a people who eventually want to see their lives get better. When the novelty of the situation wears off, and the euphoria dies down, then Americans, and the entire world, will be taking a long hard look at Obama and closely analysing his every move. I strongly doubt that they will just wilfully surrender themselves to be controlled and blindly 'led' like sheep to the slaughter by Obama, especially after the ordeal they have just experienced with the Bush administration, and the hard lessons they have had to learn about not believing any and everything placed before them without at least a little critical thought...

I'm not arguing the motives of the people in power: whether or not their intentions are good or bad, and whether or not Obama is being 'controlled' by some larger entity... The crux of the matter, the axle on which this entire argument spins, is whether or not the 'hard working and militant' American black population, which you say carries the bulk of the power, will really allow a President -any President- to 'control' them and slowly silence them. I honestly don't think so. I don't think that a people with a history as gruelling and hard as the African American people will just blindly go wherever they are led by anyone, even someone as eloquent and seemingly spotless as Barack Obama. So whether or not Barack is a puppet that was created with the intention of controlling the black race because we are getting too powerful, you cannot discount the free will of a people whom, I believe, will, refuse to be controlled any day in any way by anyone!! Even their beloved first black President

Sheldon: aah hear me out barack has the hero effect going for him he is seen as a 21's century robin hood by most. honestly no matter what he does to the black man it couldnt be any worse than bush. plus to the average white man they cant be against him caz they dont want to be accused of being racist. no matter what he does obama cant fall off his pedestal. plus no matter how bad things get we will never say, " the white men make better presidents" or as much as say he has failed. dont get me wrong though im all 4 him i just wonder if he is being used. America has a hidden agenda 4 every thing they do.

Ruthibelle: hehe! I could tell you a coupla conspiracies I've heard of that sound feasible enough... but prudence forbid... I hear what you're saying, though, and I understand where you're coming from. Whites, including white racists, are really in a spot. They can't criticise Obama without sound arguments and nuff nuff evidence, that's for sure. Or else the entire black community going eat they supper- you're right about that!!

And right now it would sem that Obama can do no wrong - especially in the eyes of the black population. But if Obama turns out to be a very bad President, he will be more scandalous than George W. Bush!! And the effects will be far more devastating simply because he rode in on such a high tide. The higher up you go, the more precarious the fall. And he is veery high up!!!

Remember also that human instinct is not to defend race first. Our instinct is to defend and protect SELF- irrespective of race or any of that stuff. If Obama's presidency goes horrible wrong, his own race will criticise him worst than the rest of the world because they would have been most disappointed. I don't think majority will try to defend him. they will probably be most ready to rip him to shreds for letting them down. And media critics have no mercy. Black President or no, as long as the evidence is there to support the argument, they will rip him to shreds too, especially because of what lofty heights of greatness he has already achieved.

Sheldon: ruth- take this scenario and try to see where im coming from when i make the statement that obama is protected by the love of the black race. if u have a business and you place your mother in full control. no matter how poorly your mother handles the affairs of the company you may never be able to say "MOM YOUR FIRED, YOU ARE DESTROYING MY BUSINESS" we would rather give her less responsibilities than face the fact that she needs to leave. similarly obama holds such a place in our hearts and no mater how detrimental his decisions are 4 us we will be blinded by the euphoria entrenched in a black president. he is an untouchable person 4 his critics and no matter who he is instructed by we will give each and every desision our signiture of approval.

Ruthibelle: Aha! My disagreement comes from two places:
1. I dont think the euphoria will last as long as you think it will. Four years. People will go back to daily life and eventually start seeing him as just the president. When teh wear adn tear of daily life sets in, the novelty will wear off- trust me on this. At that point, they will have little or no mercy for him if he is fouling up.

2. This illusion of Obama being the untouchable golden boy is just that: an illusion. Yesterday the focus was on history being made, hearts being warmed, yada ya... today the hard work begins, and the focus will be on him making the tough decisions. The scrutiny now begins, and woe be unto him if he messes up. They will- I promise you- they will, eat him alive. They won't jsut take whatever decisions he lays at their feet. They will slaughter him if he disappoints. That is why he better deliver.

Carla: are my cousin and i love you but that comment is ridiculous. coming from someone who lives in the states and sees the foolishness that goes on here on a daily basis, it is a breath of fresh air for me to see someone of color in the "white house". you don't live here so you don't know what people of color go through to try to be successful in this country. you were born and raised in jamaica. a country that has a handful of white prime ministers. you know what it is to have someone of your skin color represented in office. the issues in jamaica are socio-economical....not racial. here in america, you could have a doctorate degree, years of experience and accolades and still get passed up for a job because of your color!!!so please don't try to belittle the wonderful piece of history that took place yesterday.

Sheldon: shelly dont missunderstand me i am also proud of him and i acknowledge the significance of his acheivements. and what it means for america but the root of my argument was wether or not he was following orders from a higher power and what implications this would have for america and by extension african americans. yes his acheivements will motivate the black race and make an atempt to acheive racial equality. he stands ass a rolemodle to every black man and will show the world the stupidity behind racism.

on another note though if he is being "controled" and his strings being pulled so to speak we may be in for more of the same or maybe even worse conditions. if he is being used as a sacrificial lamb then what do we do and what message will be sent to the black race, who look to him as their savior from racial oppression. if after 4 years obama is viewed as the worse president ever. it is highly likely that the professional world and the general society will be against black leaders

Sheldon: don't get me wrong it was a risk worth taking, but for all things we should look at both the positives and negatives of all things. i made started to think about the possible negative implications of this achievement and thats what i wished most persons took the time out to ponder on.

Carla: understood. but do you see that you asking if he is a "puppet" overshadows all of his personal and professional accomplishments? yes there are negatives to him being in office. there is a pro and a con to everything. my issue is the con that you came up with my dear. you asking if he is a puppet demeans what all of the people who fought and struggled through the civil rights movement had to deal with. like i said before i understand your point. i am just disappointed that when a black man in america achieves what seemed like the impossible, you, who live and study in jamaica, see it as a conspiracy.

So, what say you?


Wuthering said...

Ruthi!!!! This post is GOOOOOOOOOOD.

First, I see Sheldon's concern. This is because presidency usually becomes puppetry for all the people who already hold the power.

The problem with Bush as president was that HIS very own family were those people who hold an awful lot of power wheeling and dealing for some time now. His father was vice president, than president, and of course preceded by his son.

NOW, the question begins... is Obama now to a country very much pro- equality (except for some backwards states and the unevolved hearts of others) SELLING US AN IMAGE?

Americans are very image driven. People live their whole lives based on one mirage after another.

This to me is where it gets tricky. I like Obama. I like that he has a nice demeanor. I like that he seems reasonable, intelligent, and sincere.

Yet, I at 5 years old also liked Ronald Regan because he had a jar of colorful jelly beans on his desk. ;/

Wuthering said...

This reminds me of my favorite screen play "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry.

Mama: Son- how come you talk so much bout' money?

Walter (with immense passion): Because it is life, Mama!

Mama (quietly): Oh- (very quietly) So, now it's life. Money is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life- now, it's money. I guess the world really do change...

Walter: No- it was always money. Mama. You just didn't know about it.

Ruthibelle said...

LOL@Luce... at five years old, I guess jelly beans are a good enough reason to love a President, lol!

RE: Obama selling an image: Absolutely yes! Every President/Prime Minister/Head of state sells an image! That is not to say that they aren't sincere, it just comes with the territory... They're constantly in the public eye and they have to choose a mode/course of behaviour/IMAGE that will seem appropriate to the masses. If you ask me, Obama has chosen a veeery good image so far...

But now the question is, is this image so wonderfully constructed that Afro-American people will pay more attention to it than to the 'real' issues like the implementation of meaningful policies that will actually benefit them? Will they just go with the flow, as long as Obama says so, and thus render themselves 'controlled' by him, or whoever controls him??

Ruthibelle said...

BTW, I luv 'A Raisin In The Sun' too!! Awesome book. Hansberry is a literary genius!! Thanx for that quote.

I certainly hope that at the end of Obama's term, we don't discover that it was just another power/puppet game under a different name...

Ruthibelle said...

Dunno why Blogger cut off my last paragraph.
What it should have read was:

I certainly hope that at the end of Obama's term, we don't find out that it was just another power/puppet game under a different name...

clnmike said...

If the plan is for Obama to control black people than who ever put him in power was sorely mistaken.

There have been many black people who have questioned him for one reason or another.

And why exactly do we need to be controlled?

Believer said...

You are bringing up questions and theories that are spoken about behind closed doors, at the water cooler, and now everywhere on the Internet. Geez! We could speculate from here until Kingdom come, but that will only complicate the reality -- he’s our president. We ought not to be so judgmental of him and take a just wait and see attitude. I like Obama and I'm praying for him, but his story as president has just begun.

Unknown said...

Some serious theories here, very interesting.

Ruthibelle said...

@believer: in case you missed ma previous post: I like Obama too.. I reeely do. But that doesnt mean I cant look at his tenure (future tenure) through a clean, clear glass. I'm speculating mainly because of the Facebook convo that got my mind going (that's kinda hard to stop once it happens), and because I'd like to get general feedback on this. So I'm hoping that my readers will speculate with me, because I really wanna hear what ppl think. The responses should be very intereting.

Ruthibelle said...

@Mike: I agree. They made a big mistake thinking taht was teh best way to go about it.

And I was asking the same question you are... where does this notion taht black Americans can/should be controlled come from?? It's offensive!

Believer said...

It's all good! Now stop by to pick up your award at my place.