Friday, March 4, 2011

When Judges STRIKE ... It's Judgement Time!

Photo taken from Jamaica Observer
What a thing when the people who enforce justice in a country can't get any justice for themselves ... This is not a case of who will guard the guards, this is a case of who will pay the guards, and give them all the promised benefits? And I can't help but wonder, where will the money come from?

We've developed a nasty habit of not paying people who work in essential services: We don't pay teachers. We don't pay nurses. We don't pay doctors. We don't pay civil servants. And now, we not paying judges. Seems like the only people getting paid up in here are government officials, crooks and their cronies, and anyone associated with this damned commission of enquiry. Anyone considering a career change? Maybe it's time for the whole country to strike, once and for all, and let Kingston become the next Tahrir or Tiananmen Square ...

I'm sure the judges will agree, it's time for action. It's time for JUDGEMENT!!

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Anonymous said...

Calling down judgement I see. want to add fire and brimstone with that?