Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm SIGMA-tised!!!

On Sunday, I completed my first Sigma 5K run. Given my history of athletic NON-performance, this was a big deal for friends and family (hehe).

My mother, spiritual maverick that she is, put it all into wonderful perspective.

She encouraged me to approach every day of my life with the same level of tenacity and drive I'd applied to Sigma.

In essence, what she said was:

When you get tired and feel worn out, DON'T STOP. RUN ANYWAY.

When you feel drained and parched and starved and desperately far from the finish line, DON'T STOP. RUN ANYWAY.

When you feel sick and close to dying, and feel like thousands of people are easily passing you by while you're there giving your best and not moving an inch, DON'T STOP. RUN ANYWAY.

You may not win the WHOLE race, but you will win YOUR race, meet your goals, and accomplish something spectacular.

Have a great day, you! :)

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