Saturday, January 31, 2015

Period novels and dropping balls

I said I liked to read period novels at work one day.
One coworker gave me a look of pure disgust.
"What?" He asked.
I repeated myself.

Period novels. He couldn't believe I would raise a topic so embarrassingly ... female in a formal group setting. And he couldn't believe that kind of novel existed.
I had to explain. Well, we had to explain - after a good laugh, of course.
It made me think though, how punny it is to say "I like period dramas."
Because, let me tell you, no woman does.

PS, the same coworker had a rather disturbing visual when I said I wanted to see the ball drop on New Year's Eve. I had to tell him to speak quietly and, for the love of Amos, to Google the term before he said another word.
"I'd like to watch the ball drop."
Seriously, what else could I possibly have meant?

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