Friday, September 26, 2008

Tagged 2: Introspection

This tag courtesy of Ruth Rhytswell...

Should inspire thought...

Give the first answer that comes to mind...

I AM … living, learning, growing… and loving it!!
I WANT… more clarity, wisdom
I HAVE … a heart packed up with dreams, fingers itching to write, a mind that refuses to be still, an expansive imagination… many trades, some mastery
I KEEP… books, and I mean all my books: notebooks, textbooks, scrapbooks, novels, magazines, devotionals, diaries and journals
I WISH I COULD … rewrite history??
I HATE … crowded closets and overused words
I FEAR … dying and adding to the wealth of potential that remains forever buried in a cemetery. That will not happen to me!
I HEAR … the sound of a revolution… lol. Nah, actually, I hear cars passing outside…
I DON’T THINK … I could tolerate being average, I like to stand out too much
I REGRET … not trying harder…
I LOVE … life. And good food!
I AM NOT … never communicating, so pay attention!
I DANCE … in stops and starts (hey, that’s my beat!)
I SING … when I have a song??
I NEVER … procrastinate (this is the future me, lol)
I RARELY … keep still, always moving…
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … anything! (I am a sap!)
I AM NOT ALWAYS … straightforward
I HATE THAT … I don't have everything I think I need
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … the theory of relativity (I almost believe it, I think)
I NEED … money, and more time!! And love.
I SHOULD … be quick to listen, slow to speak... and I should get going. I'm already late for a class, lol

What about you?


Wuthering said...

haaaaa the theory of relativity...

it can be a head scratcher.

this theory does not confuse me only because i'm quite comfortable in making my mind up about things i quite frankly know pretty much nothing about. if i want to sum it up, i would pin point the discovery of atoms displaying different behavior just from the presence of an observer.

So, the original thought that time, space, and speed are quantifiable by a constant numerical measurement just doesn't work. it instead has endless variables that could be measured in vain. unless you were really trying to get some sense of prediction. and even then, it would still be out of our hands.

So, having to take into consideration that everything is affected by everything we get the lovely definition: "theory of relativity".

I hope that's the theory of relativity you were talking about!

btw, do not tag me on this one! i would need all semester to define myself so eloquently!


Ruthibelle said...

See, the theory of relativity has me confused! I don't get it!!

J.M said...

"I HAVE … a heart packed up with dreams, fingers itching to write, a mind that refuses to be still, an expansive imagination"

The world is your oyster; keeping writing like this and the West Indies will boast another Derek Walcott!

Anonymous said...

I AM … so special, I'm so special so special so special
I WANT… money fi spend spend spend
I HAVE … balls
I KEEP … nuff gyal and gyal in a bungle
I WISH I COULD … legalise weed
I HATE … anybody who hate me
I FEAR … nothing. Man a don!
I HEAR … Vybz Kartel and Mavado
I DON’T THINK … Sister P shuda win the election
I LOVE … good food and cannabis
I AM NOT … high
I DANCE … better than Elephant Man
I SING … in the shower
I NEVER … cry
I RARELY … cry
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … man a big man star! Man nuh cry!
I NEED … right now: a new pair a black work shoes
I SHOULD … have that by this weeken

Anonymous said...

May I use this? Gonna put my answers on my blog.

Love it!

Abeni said...

Very cool responses..I may do it

Anonymous said...

Kool Ruthi! Nice... I'll try this... sometime...

Ruthibelle said...

This is open to anyone... I don't habitually tag ppl, I just do the tags and post em.

Anonymous said...

kalonje sound like he on something... nice post.

Anonymous said...

i looooove the picture...thanks for the tag my girl!

Anonymous said...

I love life and good food!ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

Anonymous said...

Bwoy, Ruthi, you trying to bring all the bloggers out of the woodwork with this one. I love tags like this and I'm gonna try it! Tunks!