Friday, February 4, 2011

62 million GONE!

*Ghet-towz family living room*

Shenanae: Dis yah robbery yah CONNEK!

Mrs. Ghet-towz: What a body couldn't do with 62 million dollars ...

Mr. Ghet-towz: A body cudda mek a body wid dat ... cudda mek nuff body and mine dem!

Mrs. Ghet-towz: Eeh? Nuh badda wid dat. Try tek yuh mine offa making nuh more body and mine di one dem yuh have, awoi!

*Whole family laughs, intersperesed with exclamations of 'Raaaae', 'Woooi' and Laaaawd'*

Mrs. Ghet-towz: Mi nuh tink dem ago fine dem tief deh. Di ting well sort out. It plan good bad.

Mr. Ghet-towz: All if a police catch dem now, weh him ago do more than beg a piece'a di action?

Mrs. Ghet-towz: A di security guard dem weh get rob ago inna hot wata, cause a dem haffi go explain how dem mek di tief dem get weh ... an it look fishy fi true.

Mr. Ghet-towz: Mi sorry fi dem. All lie detector dem ago use pon dem ... wuddn waan fi inna fidem shoes.

Mrs. Ghet-towz: Kinda sad, though. Di tief dem get weh, an di man dem weh did a do dem job, a dem  get eena trouble.

Mr. Ghet-towz: Nuh suh di system set. Honest people cyaan prosper. Look like mi haffi go find some tief an go rob a truck too ... an den start mek and mine some body! 

*He touches shoulders with his wife, who pushes him away and hisses her teeth loudly, in between exclamations of 'Raaaae', 'Woooi' and Laaaawd' from their children*

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Rockaway Girl said...

:) Really Funny!! I could almost "see" them as they sat around engaging in this dialogue.