Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's the UN International Year of Youth ... Just NOT In Jamaica!

Yep. You heard right. Can you imagine? August 2010-2011 has been declared the second United Nations International Year of Youth, and Jamaica has rolled out NO programmes (that I know of, and I think if there was something, I would know) so far in recognition of this fact. Not even a little essay competition. Or something so. Nutting. Nada. Zilch. Makes you wonder if Ministry of Youth even knows what year it is.

I don't think Jamaican youth are lazy. Jamaican people, on a whole, are not lazy or aggressive or violent by nature. But I think it was Buju who sang, "Ciiircumstances maaade me what I am." Especially when those circumstances include short-sighted leadership that spends so much time chupsing sports stars, they don't have time to cast a glance at miniscule issues like youth empowerment, and ensuring that a year designated for dialogue and mutual understanding between youth and their counterparts actually gets any recognition ... Is chicken feed ting dat, right? Better to buss we head over where the grass at Trelawny MultiPurpose Stadium went.

What's more? This year has also been declared the Year of the People of African Descent. That's me and my AfroCaribbean neighbours. That's me and my ethnic brothers and sisters all over this world ... that's more than 80% of Jamaica!! But have we heard a peep about it? No maasah! We too busy having dramatic, Days-of-our-lives type enquiries to stop for a minute and realise that this year, more than any other year to date, is all about us. It's about the African people. It's about youth. Two key factors - a bandwagon I wouldn't mind the government getting on (since they seem prone to wagonist thinking).

I going stop talk now though. I feel a tad bit upset and sleepy. And when I feel that way, my posting can get erratic and uncharismatically blunt. So let me stop now before I say something ... wrong. But don't blame me for being upset. I sing with Buju (and no, I not trying to give him a forward or a buss or show solidarity or nothing so, the song just happen to fit with the post) ...

"Circumstances made me what I am 
Was I born a violent man? 
Circumstances made me what I am 
Everyone should understand
Circumstances made me what I am 
Was I born a violent man? 
Circumstances made me what I am
 Everyone should know ...

If we don't give our youth the opportunities they need now, if we refuse to take advantage of important milestones like these, then the youth will find other ways to express themselves ... 


Morpheus Rablings said...

Well said.
Ahh Sah
Walk Good

Robert Guthrie said...

It's not right when people say that youth are our future. They are our present.

Hey UN, here's to the voice of Jamaican youth!

Ruthibelle said...

i'll drink to that, Rob