Friday, February 20, 2009

Dagger This Daggering Thing For All It's Worth!!

If Jamaican film-makers/play-producers wanted to make some money right now, and had all the requisite resources (money, time, actors/actresses, etc) at their fingertips, I would advise them to make a movie called 'The Daggering Dilemma'. Yeah. I really would.

I was reading on Javed and Long's blogs about this daggering debate, and like a wonderful, epiphanic bolt of lightning, the idea struck me: money! A fast-thinking, quick-acting, creative genius could make money out of this daggering controversy. Of course, they would have to act veeery fast, but still, as I see it, the money could probably be made.

How?? Start with the script. How about a script showing all the different players (as outlined in our beloved Long's blog) in one small community, each group characterised by their reaction to this not-so-recent dancehall phenomenon called daggering? The play would hafta be smartly written, loaded with ironies and symbolisms and parrallelisms- probably a staunch uptown Pastor with a pious-looking wife who 'daggers' on the side, or a shopkeeper who is absolutely repulsed by the idea of daggering till he one day goes to experience it for himself and somebody else asking if daggering cannot be compared to what dogs do in mating season... catch my drift? Clever hyperbole, syllogisms, and tons of regular jamaican humour could pull this thing off!! And it would make a killing, or atleast a near-killing... and quite possibly, create an entirely new buzz around town!

And even if the movie/play is not all that, some good PR, riding on the waves of the current debate, could make it appeal to the nation at large, so that people would want to come see it at least one time. The producer/advertiser would just hafta pull out all the stops to ensure that there was a huge turn-out on opening night! Probably make it a one-night only thing, and have different classes of tickets for front row seats versus back row seats, etc. And I know, I know... how can I even think of producing a movie/play that is not very good just to make money from a controversy?? Where are my morals?? My response: this is just speculation people. Spec-u-la-tion.

Plus, if the movie was really any good, or anything even closely related to something good, it could probably be used in University courses about Jamaica's dancehall culture and in those Western/European/Asian countries where our culture is so readily exoticised and glorified... we could have subtitles in a coupla other languages and sell DVDs... it probably could really work!! It probably could!

Too bad the debate kinda sizzling down now, and I dont know any film producers. Or else we could make a killing off this daggering thing, and still manage to be somewhat educational and informative, and make a mini-dent in the Jamaican documentary/film industry, and probably even carve out a little niche in the wider ever-globalising world... or somebody else could take this idea and do all of the above.

Maybe I oversimplifying, and I tend to get carried away with my "great" ideas, but what you think people?? Would you pay to go watch, at least once, a (real literary-kind of respectable) movie/play called 'The Daggering Dilemma'... especially if it promises to be good Jamaican symbolism and satire!!

Whispers: Hey, people, this idea is NOT copyrighted! *wink-wink* LOL!


Ruthibelle said...

I just re-read this post title and O. M. G!! lol!

Unknown said...

Ruthibelle - Get on it! Don't you have a thesis or something to complete at the end of your studies? This would be a phenomenal project to do! By the way, Anna Deveare Smith used that same methodology to do her masterpiece "Fires in the Mirror" which is based on the riots in Crown Heights, Brooklyn several years back, when an Afro.Cbn child was killed by an Orthodox Jewish man. That production was and still is spectacular and eerie to experience. You are in the eye of the storm my dear - capitalize on it if you can!

clnmike said...


Blu Jewel said...

Color me ignorant, but what is "daggering"?

And you've got the idea, so why not run with it yourself? You can enlist the help of other writers who aren't looking to take but contribute to a good project. Go indie and you'll keep most of the profits after the necessary bugets have been fulfilled.

Love to live; live to love.

David Tellez said...

Why don't you write it? You are a fantastic writer and you know the subject? It just takes time.

I met an unpublished author the other day, who was telling me, he wrote a story, with no intentions of ever getting it published and shared it with some friends and family, who in turned shared it with other friends and family and made its way to a big talent agency in L.A. They're making his story into a movie and then into a book.

And all he did, was just write. It took a lot of time and dedication, but you could do the same and soon, we could probably see your name Ruthibelle on the shiny jacket of a hardcover book.

Crankyputz said...

Girl I'd support you....! What about a Daggering blog? Or does that already exist?

Unknown said...

You're a classic - I'm loving it! :))

Hey, worse movies have been made with less plot. I say go for it! If Office Space or Napoleon Dynamite is any indication, you're sitting on the next cult phenomenon! LOL

Ruthibelle said...

lol, Lori!!

@CP.. depends on your definition of a daggering blog, hehe

@Blu, daggering is a forceful pelvic thrusting motion performed by males on females now being parodied all over Jamaica as a dance. Very energetic, aggressive, violent... think dry humping.

@everybody else: I honestly didnt expect yall to actually tell me to DO IT! I like that, though. I like that very much!! :)

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