Friday, February 13, 2009

For Broken Hearts On Valentine's Day

My friends behaving like V-Day without a significant other is dismal, depressing and impossible to get through. I dunno why they find it hard to believe that a body can be a happy, significant whole till the appointed time of enjoinment, even on Valentine's Day, but, to show that I am human and really do have emotions, and satisfy their need to see me bleed...

Miss You

I saw them in the lounge
Hanging out
And I missed you

Saw him look at her
With that look
And I missed you

I watched him kiss her lips
Watched her flip
And I missed you

I heard her sigh
Then type
And then smile<
And I just knew

That once upon a time,
That would be me
And you

But today
It's her time
Not mine...
God, I miss you!

I re-read diary entries
Then I cried
Cause I miss you

Somebody asked what's wrong
And I lied
Cause I'm too blue

I walked out on that life
I am done!
I am too through


Days like today
I remember
And I miss you...

PS One of my friends said Valentine's Day is a farce...


Anonymous said...

Oh man, have I been there (too many times).

Ruthibelle said...

hehehe :) yeah...

Javed Jaghai said...

You know, I stopped caring for these holidays so long ago that they now come and go with time. I wouldn't know it was valentine's day if you hadn't written this post- actually.

I personally don't need someone to reaffirm my sense of self/purpose...I don't need superficial gestures of love (or consumer culture) to make me feel special.

Chocolate sales will spike today, and Hershey's will certainly smile from the inflow of money ...but the sweet river of honey which is love (however you define it), flows for all time- you can always drink from it Ruth.

In four hours Valentine's Day will be no more... Oh well!

Wuthering said...

Ruthi beautiful. you've got the LOVE :)

Abeni said...


Happy V day girl. My girlfriend and I are hanging out today and we gonna have a ball.Single is good:)

Ruthibelle said...

lol@Javed... you rock dude!!! I so love that sweet river of honey quote... I'ma use that!! And, fyi, yesterday (when this post was written) was not Valentine's day- but that was you proving your point, lol!!

@Luce, Abeni- yeah, I know right?? Why can't ppl believe that single really IS good?? I certainly do!!

Unknown said...

Great poem!

I'm not a V-day person, so it's neither here on there for me.

Ruthibelle said...

lol, Stunner... you just not into it at all?? Ah well... me neither. Poem wasn't written on V-Day either... was actually a loong time ago. I had to go dig this one up.

Ruthibelle said...

lol, Stunner... you just not into it at all?? Ah well... me neither. Poem wasn't written on V-Day either... was actually a loong time ago. I had to go dig this one up.

clnmike said...

It is a farce but Happy VDay anyway, lol.

Interesting post.

Ruthibelle said...

lol, mike... thanks and happy post-v-day to yah!!

You shoulda said what was interesting bout the post.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder though...for ppl in relationships, regardless of what type they are, would most men express romance on a noticeable basis if this day didn't exist? Everyone has a birthday, but when is 'just love' celebrated? Anniversaries? Christmas? Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sales' days?

Happy 'Belated' V-day love! And you're right, being single is pretty awesome!

Ruthibelle said...

It is. But I hope ppl realise that this is not to bash relationships... not at all!! I enjoy being the centre of attention for some special guy as much as the next gal... but I recognise that my validity and self-worth doesnt ride on whether or not I'm in a relationship. I appreciate all phases of my life- single, married, disengaged...

Unknown said...

This whole Valentine's Day thing has become so....odd to me. Maybe because I got over it when I was a teenager. You see, all I ever wanted was the box of chocolate that tasted like the ones you buy in the bins in Woolworth in England, and the minute I could afford to buy a box for myself - turns out there's a box of chocolates for every income level - the glory was gone. Now, if the hype about Val Day is a convenient excuse to have great sex with somebody you've been fantasizing about and with, hey, go for it! But it turns out that its really not such a good idea to put such high expectations on a day that you can re-enact anytime you want, props and all. To me, Jamaicans just love to get caught up in these faddish things, as if it makes us more "normal" or more cosmopolitan or something. Just dumb.

I LOVE the idea of buying the discounted chocolates after Valentine's Day. I feel like I'm thumbing my nose at the whole concept. See, I can eat it anytime AND it cost me less money and hassle than it did all those other people freaking out the day before. So, there!

Ruthibelle said...

lol... now there's a smart one!!