Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Challenge Day 28: Complimenpoetry

One of my friends told me this,
and I just wanted to kiss her!!
Awesome girl she is!

You're like the full moon before the sun sets
(daring and beautiful and bold!)

Now, if that's not complimenpoetry, I don't know what is!
Here's to great friends and greater friendships!


Sam Liu said...

And I second your salutation, Ruthibelle :) Your friends words are so wonderful, such a compliment and such lyrically beautiful poetry.

Ruthibelle said...

Thanks Sammy. I told her something similar. Plus she sent me this really cool e-book I'd been aching to read ... such a God-send, that one :)

Rockaway Girl said...

Your enthusiasm is amazingly infectious Ruthie!! Yes, that was a wonderful compliment indeed... you are lucky, my friend told me "yuh too proper" lol!! She meant well and I love her much. The great thing about our friendship is that we totally understand each other so when she she told me that i replied, "and you are sorely lacking"! Then we cracked up!!

Ruthibelle said...

LOL@Rockaway... yeah. See, that's a great friend!! Someone who gets you - flaws and all. That musta been a nice moment to share with her.