Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flashback: Primary School Memories

It's funny, the things I remember most clearly from primary school (all sad). Every Saturday, I'll recall the one thing that stands out most clearly in my memory from each grade. Today, I remember Grades One/Two.

Grade One - Hm, well, sin starts young. Nuff said. Even though kids don't even act innocent any more, which makes me (lil 20-y-o me) shudder...

Grade Two - I remember being in evening lessons class. I had a weak bladder and always wanted to use the bathroom. Teacher musta thought I was being disruptive, because she didn't let me out at all (we had to ask permission to go to the bathroom/leave the classroom, and I was the good kid, never even thought of disobeying, even though I musta asked her a million times). So, I ask again...
Me: Miss, can I please go to the bathroom. (I have this agonised look on my face. I needed to go like pronto!)
Teacher: No. Stop disrupting the class. Sit down and finish your work.
Fine. I sit down. I try to do my work, but my bladder refuses to cooperate, and, sure enough, out comes the pee. Right there in class. All over that bench. I was six.

Boy, the things you get away with at 6... if I ever tried that now, lol...

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