Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why So Serious?

That's the latest addition to my movie catch-phrase repertoire, courtesy of Dark Knight (already used it three times since morning, lol).

So Dude has been (unknowingly) converting me to an action-flick lover. I'm not big on the comic strip hero crap *comic lovers gasp: oh no she didn't!* but I've been seeing alotta these movies lately. Blame Dude. He loves alla that nonsense... *They gasp again: banish her!*

So I finally watched Dark Knight last night, and It. Was. Fantastic!!! Right up there with the best of them (in the comics/action category anyway...) It didn't get me jabbering endlessly (the hallmark of a great movie for me)... but it was well-paced, grabbed and held my interest for the entire three and a half hours I was in that theatre -intermission included- and had a crazy cast: Morgan Freeman (luuuv him), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale, Michael Caine (love that lil old fella)... Definitely a movie worth seeing on the big screen. In fact, watching this movie on bootleg would be an insult to it's greatness! *Comic-lovers nod* Ok, maybe I'm not that big a convert, but still, the movie LAAHGE!

The Joker stole the show: Heath. Was. Awesome!! He was sick, demented, disturbed... and I loved him! And he was zuggly! Nasty-lookin... had my face contorting with disgust everytime his face hit the screen... yuck! But he was funny, and even though he was the villain, I just couldn't hate him- I was like, 'awww, poor sick demented bastard... he just needs a hug' lol. course that could just be cuz it was Heath Ledger under there :) ;)

All in all, Dark Knight gets top marks. It was worth the wait, and definitely worth the watch... Glad I saw it... was really worth the money. And I've bagged another catch-phrase: 'why so serious?' and: You know how I got these scars...??
:) ;)


Jdid said...

best movie this summer i say

Anonymous said...

Ditto Jdid. It was awesome