Friday, August 15, 2008

Can You Read?

If so, take a minute, pause, and whisper a tenkie Jesus.

She stayed on my mind all day... I was sitting at E-Park typing this post when she came up, asked if it was alright to sit beside me. Started talking. Said she hardly visited the park. Never had the time-what was the time? I told her some minutes after 7. Started exclaiming over the million and one things she had to do. Then she noticed my laptop.

Old Woman: Ahm, I can ask you a question? *Rb nods* What is that?
Rb: A computer.
Old Woman: So you can use it to talk too?
Rb: No
OW: Oh, so you using it to do school work and them kinda things there?
Rb: I not doing school work right now.
OW: *moves closer* Me a disturb you? *Rb shakes head, continues typing* So like somebody who can't read, them can use that?
Rb: No. If you can't read you can't use a computer.
OW: Oh. So like somebody that can help themself...
Rb: If you can make out some words then you can work your way through, but if you can't read at all then you can't use a computer.
OW: *stands and starts rummaging through her bag* Sometimes is not their fault you know Miss... *Rb looks up... what?* Sometimes them parents split up and them just can't read miss. *Rb nods.* Like this girl mi friend tell me bout miss. She was eight you know miss (How weird is it to have an old woman calling me miss?). And her father chop off her mother head... and she see it. She inna the children's home for 8 years. So that mean seh she a what?
Rb: 16
OW: Is 16? 8 and 8 a wat? 16, right. Is not her fault you know miss. Sometimes annuh fi them fault that them can't read...

Then she picked up her bags and walked away.


Abeni said...

That's a sad story. She is right though that sometimes is not their fault

Jdid said...


Ruthibelle said...

I know Jdid... I was like... what the... then I realised she had a point.

jcanwisegrrl876 said...

sad indeed.