Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's too easy to fall
Into a feeling you fight to forget
Dude has that effect
Discovered my secret, untouched parts
Left fingerprints on my heart...

This by far
the most explosive year
of my short life
pity the poor sap
who's there
to share
when the fuse disappears...

Realising this nasty habit
of denying things
til the very last minute
then it's like freeze-frame
a fifty-second flashback
regret and shame
and little pieces adding up...

I'm not an actress
it's hard to tell lies
can't play mind games
or do deception/disguise
truth is like a haunting wind
constantly whistling in my ears
resonating in corridors of time
palpitating with heart and mind...

Even when little white lies would make my life easier
i still tell the truth...

How do you let love down?

How do you look into the eyes of the people
who support
and believe
and say you've failed?

The anguish
of looking into loving eyes
and reading disappointment...

How do you let love down?

I’m not blessed with the luxury of care-freedom
try as i might
i can't pull that off
i care
i really do
groomed on compliments and congratulations
i've been the star in their crown
was supposed to continue that show…

For things to fall apart now is killing me
Who am I if not who they expect me to be?

How do you let love down?


Ruthibelle said...

How do you let love down?

Abeni said...

Hmmm..That's a good question

Still, I think honesty is the best because you le love down with the white lies too. Eventually, something will give..

Which blog is your premier one?

Anonymous said...

girrrl, you gotta learn to tell them little white lies sometimes (they really make life easier) and NOT let Dude get to you like that. When are you gonna give us the full story about him... I'm still waiting, yaknow...

Anonymous said...

Those last two lines are just poignant, beautiful.

And I have no answer for that question. I guess you try not to.

Anonymous said...

this is deep. love it!